The original
New Zealand owned
Vietnamese Coffee 

Ga Trong Coffee limited, is an independent specialty coffee enterprise, based at Orewa Beach, New Zealand.We are the purveyors of New Zealand’s finest and original Vietnamese Coffee.


The unique aromas and taste profiles will blow your mind...... as will our smooth caffeine high.
Today Vietnam is the second largest Coffee producer in the world.
Your Coffee experience just got sophisticated.
Premium Saigon Phin Daklak

Ga Trong means Rooster in Vietnamese; our coffee will wake you up!

No more so than this one.

Saigon Phin Daklak is a premium quality 100% Robusta Culi  (bean) varietal coffee.

What does that mean?  Well... for a starter it has twice the caffeine level than any Arabica coffee on the market... anywhere in the world!!

Beautifully smooth and very dark,  with a well rounded mouth feel, we drink this black.  However if its the world famous Ca phe Sua Da  (cold on ice with Condensed Milk that you want to serve ), this is the traditional coffee to use.

Its a powerhouse brew, punches  above its weight and if you do make the traditional Ca Phe Sua Da, it will cut through and  balances out the sweetness of condensed milk perfectly.


Advisory: Don't give it to ya Granny!!  

Lady Fox (Huong Chon)


This is an aromatic coffee blended and roasted to reflect the world famous Civet coffee of Vietnam.

One smell of this coffee will send you swooning! If you have ever spent time in Vietnam drinking coffee, this one will take you straight back to those romantic old streets of Hanoi, Hoi An and Saigon.


Beautifully balanced, with a sweet palate and caramel tones. This is the coffee of indulgence.


 Lady Fox (Huong Chon) will change your expectation of fine Coffee for ever.


Simply stunning and silky smooth, luxurious.

Saigon Espresso

This coffee is In the classic style of  the French settlers who first introduced coffee to Vietnam 170 yrs ago.


The style was made to export to Europe in the 19th century and has found its way into the most sophisticated Cafes and Restaurants of France and wider Europe, ever since.  Generations of discerning coffee  drinkers in Europe have enjoyed its dark smooth profile to themselves, until now.

Saigon Espresso is a staple coffee, drunk every day in the bustling urban hip & edgy Cafe scene, of Saigon (Ho Chi Mihn City)

Deep, rounded, smooth and satisfying.


Ga Trong coffee was created by two longtime friends (Kiwi Boys Steve Denize and Zane Taylor) who share a passion for Surfing and for Vietnamese coffee. Particularly for its distinctive mark of quality, and for saving the world from mediocre coffee. 
Ga Trong Coffee is Kiwi owned. It is grown, roasted and blended in Vietnam because authenticity is everything, the real deal.
​Steve and Zane besides being passionate about coffee and broadening the experience of coffee drinkers in NZ and Australia. Both have significant careers in Local and Regional Economic Development and saw the opportunity to center their coffee business (the ‘why’ at the center of what we do) around helping with the economic development and the uplift of small Vietnamese farming communities and their families.

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