Act Local, Think Global

Our partnership begins with, an exclusive relationship where we buy green beans at a significant premium price. We genuinely want to see the villages and family farms where our Coffee is sourced become fully self-sufficient and the farms ever more sustainable. Our strategic partnership in Vietnam continues to focus on cultivation, processing, roasting & blending, while we provide access to cutting edge Kiwi farming practices and knowledge as well as financing, marketing, and distribution for the New Zealand and Australian markets.

A unique partnership with our supply chain means we are directly invested in a sustainable future, for farmers and their families, all the while offering Ga Trong Coffee customers a product that is both Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Project certified; and is of the highest quality Coffee available, anywhere.

Here at Ga Trong Coffee, we cater to the customer that cares about the coffee growing process, the harvesting of the beans, through the roasting & blending process, and into their homes for their custom brewing enjoyment. We offer our customers an ethically-produced product that is good for the environment, good for the individual and good for the coffee-lover. 

We work with farmers in the Dak Lak province in the central Highlands of Vietnam to source high quality Coffee beans, grown mindfully using modern sustainable practices. From there we work closely with Certified Roast and Blending Masters Mr Coung and Mr Vo Hoang Minh Ngoc at Viet Pacific in the center of the very hip and funky Coffee culture of Saigon; we get ourselves actively involved in developing the blends and flavor profiles that we think will blow antipodean minds!

Both Steve and Zane have traveled extensively through Vietnam experiencing and learning about the culture and food. There is a very good reason why the worlds most sophisticated Coffee markets have farmed and sourced their coffee beans from Vietnam for 170 years, and why Vietnam is the second largest Coffee producer on the planet today (and growing).

The French introduced Coffee to Vietnam at the time of colonisation and ever since the French, Italian, Dutch, German and Swiss Coffee markets have enjoyed the high quality beans to themselves for generations.

So it was an epiphany, for us when experiencing Vietnamese Coffee and the funky French/South East Asian urban Coffee culture of Saigon. Coming to terms with the enormous gap in the quality and drinking options, between the Vietnamese Coffee culture and that down under, was totally unexpected.  Result: Ga Trong Coffee ltd.


At GTC, we do things differently, which is the only place a real point of difference can start.


Our company is built upon relationships, and we strive to ignite a passion for coffee in everyone we meet. We focus on educating our customers to better inform them of what they are drinking.

Whether it is roasting and blending, our sourcing practices, our environmental standpoint, or our branding, we try to approach every aspect of our company as if it is the most subtle, but important detail.


Sourcing Practices

We ethically source our coffee, using direct trade whenever possible. We believe in developing long lasting relationships with farmers and buying outside of the larger coffee 'cartel' import companies.




We roast all of our coffees in Saigon, we make no apologies for this as we are using the most intelligent and most consistent roasters in the world who are masters in the arts of roasting and blending the finest Coffee Vietnam produces. We are the first Coffee company in New Zealand and Australia doing what we do, and it’s all because we care for the grower and the Coffee drinker in equal measure. We focus on roasts and blends that are uniquely Vietnamese, and aim to roast coffee which is as complex and beautiful, as it is developed and balanced. 


We constantly work with and challenge ourselves and our farmers to look for ways of doing things that consider sustainable environmental practices. Our products are farmed and sourced in strict accordance to Fair Trade and The Rainforest Alliance Project.

Bag it up!

Our bags are of the highest-quality just like our coffee. They have an easy to open mechanism that means no teeth, no tearing and no scissors and they are equally efficient at re-sealing to keep the freshness of Vietnam locked in. We want you to connect to the quality coffee, to the most exotic Coffee culture, and the beautiful farming families of Vietnam.

When eating a fruit,

Think of the person who

Planted the tree

-Vietnamese Proverb.

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